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Extra Virgin Oil Olive 500 ml Verde Cosecha


500 ml of Oil Olive Extra Virgin INTENSO Verde Cosecha de Cruz Del Eje Córdoba.



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Contains: 500 ml 

Contains: Extra Virgin Oil Olive INTENSO Fabricacion Boutique de Verde Cosecha. 

Proporción 1 cuchara Sopera  (14 gr)
Valor Energético 126 Kcal.
Carbohidratos 0g
Proteínas 0g
Lípidos Totales 14g
Lípidos Polinsaturados 2,6g
Lípidos Monoinsaturados 9,9g
Saturados 1,5g
Sodio 0g
Colesterol  0g
Fibra Alimentaria 0g

What is olive oil?

Olive oil is a vegetable oil of mainly culinary use that is extracted from the fruit recently harvested from the olive called olive or olive.

The oil is extracted from ripe olives of between six and eight months, just when they contain their maximum amount of oil, which usually occurs in the late autumn.

It favors the absorption of minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and zinc; It is effective in the digestive process, avoiding gastric acidity and facilitating intestinal transit

It has been called olive oil as one of the pillars of the so-called Mediterranean diet, due to the intensive use that is made of it. The diets of sedentary people in industrialized countries contain between 30% and 45% fat, athletes should reduce their content in a range that goes from 25% -35% and saturated fatty acids below 10% .18 The body does not tolerate higher percentages well. Lipid deficiencies reduce the percentage to below 1% in a prolonged diet for many months. Olive oil, due to its plant origin, does not have sterols in the form of cholesterol.

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